The Braid Lounge Academy

Welcome to the Braid Lounge Academy!

I am Laudia Guilao, owner of The Braid Lounge and lead braid instructor at The Braid Lounge academy. We have built our reputation on creativity, hard work and honesty. With 11 years experience as head braider at The Braid Lounge, we are recognized throughout Hampton Roads as a leading professional African hair braiding salon. I am committed to quality and excellence and I am very excited to share my knowledge with you.  

Whether you are seeking to manage your own hair, your children’s hair, or generate some extra income, our braid classes are specially designed to help you master braid techniques.  

We highly recommend arriving on time to make great use of your time allotted. Please ensure that your nails are cut short. Long nails will only slow you down especially for beginners.

We can be reached via the salon at 757.965.4232

Thank you for choosing us.

1-ON-1 Classes


Small Group Classes